Landscaping Services in Jacksonville, Florida

We recently had an fun client and wanted to share the amazing outcome!





Services provided:

–  Client wanted old dead shrubs cleared
–  Clients wanted plants that are low maintenance, cold hardy
–  It was a rather large depth bed space, so I used a “Stair-Step” design
–  Stair step includes using three shrubs/plants and keeping them cut at three heights, tallest in the back
–  I used Lagustrum in the rear (maintain at 4 ft), Lorepetelum/Purple Pixie for the middle (3ft), Goldmound for the front(2ft)
–  Croton cluster on the left side add color, filling
–  Super Blue Loriope is the grass look plant that blooms with blue flowers each year
–  White Sunstanding Impatiens are the flowers
–  Brown mulch gives it a natural look, also provides natural nutrients and weed protection if applied in a 3 inch layer
–  Landecor edging stones created a nice barrier


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